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Mortar Tinting:


Allied to the increase in demand for facing bricks, colour mortar production has also seen a significant increase, indicating the important effect the mortar joint has upon the final appearance on brickwork.


Many factors effect the final colour of the mortar joint, some of which are beyond the control of either the manufacturer or the contractor. 

Consequently we are required to tint the mortar. Although rather less frequently than bricks.

It is important to note that as mortar is a cementitious compound, the surface is liable to etch with the acidity of the rain. This will result in a gradual loss of surface components from the joint  and subsequently any tint, which may have been applied. 

However, in practice this effect is usually neg liable as other factors, such as pollution and weathering will tend to mask any such loss. 

Please see below a few examples of Mortar Tinting transformations we have undertaken. If you would like to see more, please visit the gallery to see a range of works we have undertaken.

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